We provide services related to surface water management, without the use of herbicides, algicides, or biocides. We provide watershed modeling services that eliminate exposures to non-compliant discharges. We can provide methods for biological lake & water feature management.

  • Chevron Corporation Headquarters Campus Lake. AquaticIPM needed no chemicals for over 22 yrs. Over 20 feet deep, and you can see to the bottom.

  • Over 31 years without chemical apps. Only 18" deep, with water temps reaching 90 degrees F, stays clean and clear.

  • Evidence of the varying levels of water quality with chemical management methods, and NPDES permits, vs AquaticIPM methods and no NPDES permits.

  • This is an example of Water Clarity with Biological Programs. The rest of the lake has a view of a healthy crop of aquatic plants, and large mouth bass.

  • Modeling of Existing and Design of New Surface Waters/Wetlands for Mitigation of Stormwater and Wastewater Discharges.

Assessing Source Waters & Drainages
Prior to Final Land Designs.

How will runoff and source waters impact lake water quality?
Learn "before" you buy or build.

Surface Waters
Modeling & Design Services

Designs allow mitigation of On-Site Storm water / Urban Runoff, or even WWTP Discharges.

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We work with Land Developers, Engineering Firms, Professional Lake Managers, and HOA's. top

We Pursue a Successful Outcome.

Why do we use Chevron as an example?      Place your mouse cursor atop these words for the answer. Why should we show off our work with Chevron?

Chevron owned Ortho, during most of the period of time we were able to display a biological solution.

I was quite surprised, during an interview of us to be considered as a contractor for a different client, when the gal interviewing me suggested that we should not have allowed ourselves to work for Chevron. I guess she is a "Fall on her Sword" type of person, but I look at it differently.

Ortho owned several aquatic herbicide labels, and a Chevron executive didn't think we could do what we claimed. Since the water in the lake was for firewater, they couldn't use their own products to keep water clarity. I was, during a meeting with Chevron, accused of being unforthcoming about what chemicals he said, "Must be there. You can't keep water this clear without them."

I replied, "You're Chevron. There has to be a gas chromatograph in one of these buildings. Take a sample, and run it for whatever chemical compounds you think must be here." They did, and found there were none.

Property developers intending to include lakes or water features can predict the health and success of both, "before" you build them. Contact us to learn more. Professional Lake Managers will have a new set of "non-chemical"  tools to generate increased revenue; assist clients; develop new clients, and develop trusted relationships with clients.

We work with professional engineering firms, or we collaborate on design concepts with our clients preferred technical services vendors. Civil Engineers may use this link for specific information.

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Our Team by Group
Project Managers
Client Relations

We gather all the information required to make an informed assessment, before we step in.

True Aquatic Science
No Product Affiliations

We refuse "Grant Money" from "Research Foundations" that covertly support specific products.

Design to Engineering
Opening Doors to Options

We work with your support teams to create a working design, and insure local, county, or state approvals.

Stormwater/NPDES compliant

We insure water quality meets any compliances both on. and off your site. We help avoid the need for NPDES.

Services Provided Through Teams of Related Sciences and Disciplines: top

Assess The Need

No restrictions on the use of pesticides? Then you likely don't need us. If you're limited in chemical use, or prefer not to use them, then we move ahead.

Remote Interaction
Data Collection

We request information related to Source Water, and Areas of Land Use Types. We confirm the latest research data to be certain.

Computer Modeling

Our years of research and practical experience are plugged into the programs we developed to provide answers.

Solution Identification
Concept Presentation

Once we have assessed the goals, we develop potential solutions, costs, and time frames.

Final Analysis
and Delivery

We have finished the computer modeling and assessment and return it to the client.

Design Documents
Local Interaction

We prepare our design documents, mathematical calculations, and present them to your engineers, or contractor, or lake manager.